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The top adjustable levers Lexus gs300 gs400 gs430

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SWAPWORKS Adjustable levers of a forward suspension bracket for TOYOTA Toyota Aristo JZS161 Lexus GS

- Top front adjustable arms # Toyota #Aristo #Crown #Majesta #Jzs161 #jzs171 #Lexus #gs300 #gs400 #gs430 #uzs161 #sc430 #Soarer #uzz40 #jzs147


- Adjustment range from + 10mm to-30mm*

- Due to the design features, the ball bearing does not rest against the rack mount! suitable for understatement!


- The part is fully REPAIRABLE (replaceable ball and silent blocks)


- To build use CTR ball joints and bushings are made from polyurethane, hardness SHORE a 85

It is possible to sell separately in pairs.


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